Jamul Casino First in CA To Launch Video King’s Bingo Treasures

Jamul Casino

OMAHA, NE – Video King has completed its first managed services agreement in the State of California with the Jamul Indian Village Development Corporation, owner and operator of Jamul Casino. 

Video King_Bingo Treasures

“We are thrilled to partner with Jamul Casino to launch our Class II Certified Bingo Game,” said Rusty Morin, Vice President of Video King. “Bingo TreasuresTM features all of the traditional bingo game elements that bingo players will love, including the ability to pick their own numbers, play for a common game ending pattern on a 5×5 bingo card, and having an opportunity to win in every game. We expect that our addition of multi-million-dollar weekly jackpots will accelerate the growth of Bingo Treasures as a nationally linked Class II bingo product. This will allow Indian Country to finally host and offer to players life-changing jackpots, which can compete for dollars players are currently spending on lottery type products. This product can be sold from all facilities located on tribal lands held in trust, including casinos, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, smoke shops, golf courses, convenience stores and gas stations.”

“Jamul Casino is thrilled to be the first California tribal casino to partner with Video King for Bingo Treasures, and we are excited to introduce the game at Jamul Casino,” said Mary Cheeks, President and General Manager of Jamul Casino. “We are also delighted to be a host for the live weekly ball draws, which we intend to make very entertaining when we launch.”

Video King and Parlay Games (Video King’s joint venture partner) are in active negotiations with other U.S.-based Indian tribes, to add Bingo Treasures to additional tribal facilities and to grow the network.