Video King – Bingo Treasures

Video King
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Class II


Bingo Treasures™ is a revolutionary two-part Class II bingo game. Bingo cards are sold at participating tribal properties 24/7- c-stores, gas stations anywhere approved for gaming on tribal land.

For $5 at a retail point of sale, players select eight numbers and have two chances at life-changing jackpots. The instant PlayNow™ two player Bingo game starts immediately upon purchase. A unique bingo card containing the player’s eight selected numbers is generated, two players are matched together with the winner being the first player to achieve the Letter X Bingo pattern. Prizes in PlayNow Bingo game range from a free bingo card to a top prize of $250k –1 in 9 win cash prizes between $10 and $1,199, and approximately 1 in 50,000 win a new car.

Win or lose in the PlayNow instant game, all purchased bingo cards are then entered into the Weekly Millions live linked bingo game where the first player to achieve the Letter X Bingo pattern, wins a guaranteed prize ranging from a new car to a $2 million-dollar progressive jackpot.

A game everyone recognizes with huge jackpots, Bingo Treasures™ is sure to draw thousands of weekly players.