Newly Developed Tribal Leadership Council Supports Tribal Sovereignty, Education

WYANDOTTE, OK – A new Tribal Leadership Council (TLC) has been developed that is dedicated to enhancing and supporting tribal sovereignty, education, and uplifting tribal communities through comprehensive solutions.

“Working collaboratively, we have an opportunity to support tribal leaders and executives through continuing education and by providing tools to better their organizations,” said Justin Barrett, Board of Directors Chair. “Developing future leaders is something I am personally committed to and look forward to chairing this team and sharing our learnings broadly.”

Board members will drive change by sharing their insights through speaking opportunities and events, and providing resources for the Tribal Leadership Council, which is open to any member of tribal leadership.

“We have an essential role to play addressing social impact, sustainable leadership, and other issues that affect Indian Country,” said Andrew Alejandre, Vice Chairman. “I’m proud to serve as Vice Chair for this esteemed group and look forward to what we’ll accomplish together.”

The Board of Directors for the Tribal Leadership Council includes:

  • Justin Barrett, Chairman and Founder
  • Andrew Alejandre, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder
  • James Siva, Secretary and Co-Founder
  • Kelli Weaver, Treasurer
  • Michele Scott, Board Member
  • Shannon Holsey, Board Member

The Tribal Leadership Council is a board-governed, non-profit business. The primary focus of the TLC is empowering leadership and promoting economic growth and prosperity for tribal communities.