Sports Betting in a New Era: Stephen Crystal

October 2020 Interview

Stephen Crystal, Managing Partner
SCCG Management

The pandemic has complicated travel, but we’ve been as successful as most at leveraging technology that lets us meet with our clients and partners remotely. There’s still no substitute for face-to-face meetings to getting projects across the line. Where possible, we’ve set meetings with our clients by region, taking all necessary precautions including masks, frequent hand washing, social distancing and avoiding crowds and enclosed areas where possible.

As one example, we see opportunities to use technologies to allow tribes and their operations to create pooled sporting event wagering that allow for higher, more exciting top cash prizes than would otherwise be possible when limited to a single operation. Another example would be technologies that create funnels for new customers to enter the world of sports betting. This includes play for fun and real money wagering that simplifies sports betting for novice bettors with easy to understand point-based systems. Virtual sports is amazing. They can allow bettors to stay in action even when there are no live contests in play – they can wager when and where they want through virtual sports content. Lastly, we have AI based technologies that give known customers reasons to place wagers that they are interested in, with targeted, personalized calls to action inside their mobile apps and iGaming platforms. Technology is an amazing way to add excitement and raise the profile of traditional sporting event betting opportunities.