Pechanga Volunteers Pack Care Kits for Vets in Need

Pechanga Vet Care Kits

TEMECULA, CA – Thirty Pechanga volunteers took time out of their work schedules to form assembly lines with disposable razors, shaving cream, pairs of socks, toothpaste and more hygiene items. In all they packed 450 much-needed hygiene kits to be distributed to veterans in need by U.S. Vets in Riverside and Inglewood.  

“I take a lot of pride in the fact I served and for a lot of veterans, their lives are committed to service,” said Nicholas Salazar, Marketing Production Supervisor & U.S. Marine Corps Veteran. “To be of service to some veterans, brothers and sisters, who could use the help – I’m really proud to have that opportunity. Pechanga gives us the chance to give back to the veteran community and that’s special.”

Before the packing party began, Pechanga team members were encouraged to write a note of gratitude to a veteran. Team members collected the notes and put at least one in each hygiene kit.

Pechanga has previously partnered with U.S. Vets to further their mission of helping homeless vets gain residential stability, increase their skill levels and income, and achieve a greater level of self-determination.