Novomatic Americas – Thunder Cash Gold – Golden Voodoo Magic

Novomatic Americas
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Class III


Step into the shadows and uncover the secrets hidden within the mystical realm of Golden Voodoo Magic™ Wild Priestess. Dare to dabble in the ancient arts as you manipulate the ethereal forces on the spinning reels. Whispers of lucky incantations beckon you to call forth the Voodoo Priestess, a wild force that materializes on reels two, three, and four, shrouded in mystery as she substitutes for all symbols except the elusive coin and ouija. But beware, for the true magic lies in the dance of the scattered coins. Six or more of these enchanted tokens trigger the lock & spin feature, where time itself seems to freeze. The coins hold their positions and the remaining reels transform into portals of destiny, granting you three initial respins. The air is thick with anticipation as each respin unfurls, resetting as long as additional coins materialize. The enigma deepens within the lock & spin feature, where the dance of fate reaches its climax. Will it be a cascade of riches, or will the spell be broken? Only when no respins remain or a complete screen of coins is amassed does the journey end, unveiling the coveted grand prize. The stakes are high, and the rewards are as elusive as the spirits themselves. The lock & spin feature unveils the grand jackpot, major jackpot, and the enticing mega and super bonuses – gateways to 10 or 5 free games, respectively. Yet, there’s more to this mystic tapestry; hidden within are credit prizes and additional free games that beckon from the shadows. Feel the anticipation build as you navigate the labyrinth of fate. The free games, played at the trigger bet, hold the promise of untold wonders. The ouija symbols, a spectral key to unlocking further mysteries, may appear, triggering 10 additional free games within the ethereal dance of fortune. Brace yourself as you stand at the crossroads of chance and destiny. Spin the reels and let the voodoo spirits guide you through the spellbinding journey that is Golden Voodoo Magic. The mystic veil awaits, ready to reveal its secrets to those bold enough to invoke the riches within.