Novomatic Americas Promotes Len Busche to CFO

MOUNT PROSPECT, IL – Novomatic Americas has announced Len Busche as its new Chief Financial Officer. Busche has spent more than 20 years in financial and operational roles, leading value creation and integration functions for influential organizations like the Illinois CPA Society. He has recently served as the Senior Vice President of Finance for Novomatic Americas.

In the past six years, Busche built a reputation on the idea that the caliber of Novomatic Americas’ people makes the quality and integrity of the organization. He began his career with Novomatic Americas as the Financial Controller and has spent the last two years as the Senior Vice President of Finance, helping to grow Novomatic Americas’ gaming presence across North America.

“Len Busche has done an outstanding job the last six years creating a great team, revitalizing our financial management, and refinancing our debt,” said Novomatic Americas President and CEO Rick Meitzler. “Through COVID-19, Len was pivotal in helping the company navigate that crisis. It was an unprecedented challenge, and he led our effort developing financial plans to manage through the pandemic, working with our lenders to establish a strong position for Novomatic Americas to be poised for success as the nation emerges from the pandemic.”

Meitzler added, “We are fortunate to have Len Busche as a CFO with a wealth of experience in financial and operational leadership and a passion for ensuring integrity and alignment with all aspects of the companies finance and operations. He is committed to the gaming business and positioning Novomatic Americas well to move successfully into the future.”