Neil Peyron, Chairman, Tule River Tribe of California

Neil Peyron, Chairman
Tule River Tribe of California

Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville, CA

RISKS/REWARDS: The greatest risk is the current status of the economy. As costs rise, we need to continue to provide services for tribal membership and the community, which includes not just our gaming facility, but also police, fire, education, medical services, and public works, to name a few. One of our greatest assets are the people working for the tribe who continue to do the best that they can with limited resources. They always come through. Two rewarding opportunities for 2023 are the opening of our relocated Eagle Mountain Casino and providing additional housing on the reservation.

PROMOTING LEADERSHIP: The tribe provides for education and training to promote from within. Many tribal members and community members employed at governmental and economic operations have risen to manager and director levels through their dedication and hard work. The tribe also has a Future Generations department that promotes healthy and strong future generations through education and motivating the community. Some of the goals include imparting life skills to youth and adults; encouraging and motivating our youth to take part in higher education; and increasing the participation of family formation, to maintain strong family structure within the community.

FUTURE PROJECTS/INITIATIVES: An important project for the tribe is completing the relocated Eagle Mountain Casino facility. Once open, it will allow the tribe to expand services to the tribe’s membership and community by increasing jobs, revenue, and making office space available for governmental and medical programs.