NanoVapor Biotech Chosen by Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to Provide Optimal Surface Disinfection and Protection

Mohegan Virgin

HOUSTON, TX – NanoVapor Biotech (NVB) has been chosen by Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to treat its hotel and casino with NVB’s proprietary 90-day surface protection treatment system powered by Omnisol, an anti-microbial solution that is 100% environmentally friendly and lasts longer than regular disinfectants. The EPA-registered treatment provides antimicrobial surface disinfection, and protection, that remains active for up to 90 days. Known for its long-acting technology, the product has been relied on to disinfect and protect surfaces in settings such as medical facilities, public transportation, schools, government offices, shopping centers, casinos, theaters, and churches, among others.

“We are committed to taking every precaution at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to protect our guests and team members from the risks of COVID-19 or any other harmful viruses or diseases,” said Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President & CEO of JC Hospitality, which owns Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. “NanoVapor Biotech gives me the confidence that we are providing the best quality protection available.”

“Our long-lasting solution has been applied to high-touch surfaces throughout the hotel in spaces like restaurants, meeting rooms, lobbies, casino tables and chairs, bars, spa and wellness center, bathrooms and public social gathering areas, with incredibly high levels of success, as measured by our regular monitoring,” said Fernando Lehrer, CEO of NanoVapor Biotech.