Light & Wonder Grants Hundreds of Wishes in Spirit of Holiday Season

Light & Wonder HQ

LAS VEGAS, NV – Light & Wonder invited its approximately 6,000 employees around the world to participate in a “Week of Wishes.” Team members could each submit a wish of virtually any kind valued at up to $1,000 for a co-worker, a family member or even for themselves.

Light and Wonder Week of Wishes
Ruchi Nautiyal of Light & Wonder (pictured right), delivers new wheelchairs to a home for the aging in India during Week of Wishes. Light & Wonder granted Nautiyal’s request to help support needs of her local community.

After sorting through submissions, Light & Wonder granted 243 wishes, many of them aimed at helping people going through a particularly difficult time in their lives, while others celebrated co-workers who routinely make a difference in the workplace. Wishes included requests for clothes for grandkids, car repairs, new dishwashers, family portraits and medical expenses. Wishes were granted in approximately a dozen countries around the world.

“These wishes create ripple effects that touch the nominators, the givers, the recipients and their friends and families far beyond just 243 people,” said Matt Wilson, Light & Wonder’s President and CEO. “The power of everyone coming together during the Week of Wishes has brought joy to people around the world and is one of the best demonstrations of the kind of people who work for Light & Wonder.”