JCM Global Brings Increased Efficiencies and Intelligence to Coyote Valley Casino with X Edge Count-Sort Machine

JCM has installed CPS’s X Edge X9500 count-sort machine at Coyote Valley Casino in Redwood Valley, CA, increasing operational intelligence and efficiency with end-to-end cash handling solutions. The installation of the X Edge X9500 is replacing a competitive cash processing product and marks JCM’s first sale of the CPS X Edge in the California market.

Coyote Valley Casino General Manager Marc Bilodeau said, “We rely on the newest technology to make Coyote Valley an entertainment destination in Northern California. With new cash processing equipment from JCM, our property is prepared to continue that tradition.”

“Casino finance directors like Justin Clark at Coyote Valley require the most reliable count sort machine available, with the greatest possible up-time. We are thrilled to provide the perfect solution for their needs and to expand our relationship with Coyote Valley,” said Dave Kubajak, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations at JCM Global.

Like all sort modes available with the X Edge, the X9500 count sort machine has advanced flexibility, scalability, and productivity. The X Edge is a high-capacity desktop banknote sorting machine, and the X9500 configuration includes nine pockets, each with a 500-note capacity.

The X9500 sort mode counts and authenticates notes at a fast 900 notes per minutes. It is also capable of high-volume, three-way fitness sorting on multiple denominations in one pass, as well as high-volume, three-way fitness sorting on single denomination in one pass with three overflow pockets.

A master distributor agreement between JCM and CPS enables JCM to supply advanced high-speed count/sort equipment and cash management software in North America.

“When we announced our partnership with CPS in late July, we said the benefit to JCM’s customers would be increased efficiencies and business intelligence. We are proud to deliver that to Coyote Valley,” Kubajak said.

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