Jackpot Digital Signs Lucky Dog Casino in Washington State

Lucky Dog Casino

SKOKOMISH, WA – Jackpot Digital has signed a letter of intent to install the Jackpot Blitz® ETG at Lucky Dog Casino, a tribal casino property located in Skokomish, WA. The installation is subject to Jackpot obtaining the customary regulatory and licensing approvals.

In addition to its cruise ship customers, Jackpot has announced land-based installations or orders in 10 states and territories in the U.S., including Washington, Nevada, California, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, U.S. Virgin Islands, and several international jurisdictions. Each new table installed represents added monthly recurring revenue to the company.

“We are excited to be working with Lucky Dog Casino, our latest property to order Jackpot Blitz,” said Jake Kalpakian, Jackpot President & CEO. “Players and casinos alike are excited by our product as it offers more game options and faster, error-free gameplay, all while improving casino operational efficiencies.”

“Casinos all over the world are experiencing labor shortages and inflationary wage pressures, making our product more attractive than ever before,” said Kalpakian. “As a company, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the macro trend toward automation in the casino industry. Through the innovative dealerless Jackpot Blitz technology, casinos are quickly recognizing the benefits of more revenues by dealing more hands per hour while at the same time drastically reducing costs and eliminating operational/employee requirements all at once. Demand for Jackpot Blitz has strengthened since introduction of our next generation Jackpot Blitz, which allows for cash in/out and easier integration with each casino’s back-end system.”