Gaming Arts – Thor’s Thunder

Gaming Arts
Phone: (702) 818-8943
G2E booth #1853

Class III


Gaming Arts is announcing the latest summer hit that is sure to light up casino floors across the nation, Thor’s Thunder. Thor’s Thunder is a cash-on-reels game with a wide variety of features and jackpots available to the player that are unlocked when Thor appears in the center position. Offering prizes such as credits, jackpots that scale by player’s bet, free games, and an innovative Storm Fever Mode, players are sure to love the big wins and frequent features.

A prominent Thor character with an electrifying lightning storm behind him will draw players’ attention from across the casino floor. During gameplay, Thor can introduce wins, add winning symbols to the reels, laugh to indicate a big win is imminent, and initiate a super spin where numerous extra cash-on-reel symbols appear almost guaranteeing a big win. In addition to the super spin, the player can win up to 25 free games when Thor appears with a free game cash-on-reel symbol. Multiple free game awards are also possible to rack up long free game sessions. During the free games, Thor is locked into the middle position, guaranteeing a win for any cash-on-reel symbol that appears. The free games also feature a higher rate of super spins, giving the player an opportunity to win big and win often. The Storm Fever Mode is a unique, player-funded feature that allows for higher cash-on-reel values, super spins that happen more often, and Thor that appears generously. The Storm Fever Mode has an extra layer of excitement as there is no countdown meter for games remaining. The Storm Fever Mode ends when the storm ends, keeping players on the edge of their seat.