Dale Miller, Chairman, Elk Valley Rancheria

Dale Miller, Chairman
Elk Valley Rancheria

Elk Valley Casino – Crescent City, CA 
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BENEFITS OF GAMING: Besides providing over 140 jobs to area residents, tribal gaming revenues have benefited both our tribal members and local community in multiple ways. Revenues fund critical government services for tribal members including, but not limited to, health insurance, education programs, housing, and elder services. In addition, these revenues support governmental programs that maintain and improve housing, roads, buildings, and other critical infrastructure on the Rancheria. Staff, supported by these funds, work with the local governments in applying for tribal-focused grant funds to improve community infrastructure including water, sewer, emergency response, roads, parks, and many others. Additionally, gaming revenues support donations/scholarships to many non-profits and youth education/sports programs in our local community.

GOALS & INITIATIVES: Elk Valley has several initiatives and goals for the Elk Valley Casino and for the tribe. Our goals and objectives are in large part shaped by the tribe’s values and circumstances, as well as the vision for the future. Some of our common objectives include that Elk Valley Casino help the tribe pursue integrating and promoting tribal culture within the gaming enterprise, ensuring that it aligns with the values and traditions of the tribe. The tribe also implements responsible gaming practices and supporting initiatives that address potential negative impacts, such as addiction and other social issues. We also continue to explore opportunities to diversify revenue sources beyond gaming, including hospitality, entertainment, and other business ventures.

It’s important to the tribe to engage in a comprehensive planning process that involves input from tribal leaders, community members, and relevant stakeholders to create a roadmap that aligns with the tribe’s long-term vision and goals. We feel that we’ve had some success in those efforts and are looking forward to adding several amenities to the Elk Valley Casino over the next few years.  

LEGISLATIVE: Protecting and maintaining tribal sovereignty is a fundamental concern. This includes the ability of tribes to govern themselves, make their own laws, and manage their internal affairs without interference. Some opponents are attacking tribal sovereignty and the very core of the political classification of tribes in an effort to claim that tribes don’t enjoy sovereignty and are instead just a racial classification. Nothing could be more devastating than one or more of those attacks being successful. Clarifying and asserting tribal jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters within tribal territories is also an ongoing concern. Coordination between tribal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies is often a complex issue. Elk Valley is located in a Public Law 280 state and we have generally enjoyed a solid and productive relationship with local law enforcement and governing bodies. 

YOUTH LEADERSHIP ADVICE: Become involved in your tribe by attending meetings and functions. Be interested and be open to learning from many different perspectives and viewpoints. Be compassionate yet willing to do the right thing, even when it may be unpopular. Life is full of difficult decisions. The role of a leader is to consider all aspects and then make decisions based upon facts and outcomes.