Choctaw Nation Tribal Council Approves $2.5 Billion Budget for FY 2024

TVSHKA HOMMA, OK – The Choctaw Nation Tribal Council has unanimously approved a $2.5 billion comprehensive expense budget for fiscal year 2024. The expense budget is a 1% increase over 2023. The new fiscal year begins October 1, 2023.

“Our tribal council remains focused on expanding services to meet the needs of our tribal members and to provide economic opportunity for our tribe and our fellow Oklahomans,” said Chief Gary Batton. “Even during this time of inflation, we continue to develop strategies to improve lives now and in the future while maintaining a solid financial base.”

The approved capital expenses are just over $186.3 million, down from $229.4 million last year. Tribal membership has increased to over 225,332, and the Choctaw Nation plans to hire an additional 726 employees in fiscal year 2024, increasing the total number of associates to over 12,500.

Revenue for fiscal year 2024 is projected to be nearly 3% higher than the prior year, driven primarily by increases in commerce and healthcare.