Choctaw Nation Small Business Development Opens New Chahtapreneur Business Center

Choctaw Small Business Center opening

DURANT, OK – Choctaw Nation Small Business Development (CSBD) has opened a new Chahtapreneur Business Center in Durant, OK. The grand opening was held in the former Choctaw Nation headquarters building.

The center will act as a coworking space for Choctaw tribal members enrolled in Choctaw Nation Small Business Development’s program. CSBD will offer on-site business advising and networking opportunities at the business center.

Tribal members enrolled with CSBD can rent office space and utilize printing and copying services, as well as Wi-Fi. CSBD will also host classes on different business-related topics to engage those renting the space and encourage them to network with other Choctaw businesses. Trainings will also be available to the public.

“The thing I’m most excited about is multiple businesses operating out of the same building,” said Billy Hamilton, Director of CSBD. “It gives entrepreneurs the ability to network and form connections with other entrepreneurs. You get up every day and get ready and go to work in a space that opens your mind to new ideas and helps set you up for success.”