Cache Creek Casino Resort Implements Pay Raises for Employees

Cache Creek Casino

BROOKS, CA – Cache Creek Casino Resort recently announced the implementation of pay increases for its employees, and some of that increase will be retroactive to Nov. 1.

After the “bump,” non-represented employees of Cache Creek Casino Resort, Yolo County’s largest private employer, will be earning 10 percent more on average than their service-sector counterparts throughout the county. They will be earning as much as twice the average wage of employees in the hospitality industry as a whole, according to data from the first part of 2021.

Whether they’ve worked for the resort for 30 days or 30 years, both employees in positions that earn tips and employees whose compensation doesn’t include tips will benefit. Union employees will benefit too. Negotiated cost of living increases slated to go into effect in 2022 have been accelerated and will be retroactive to Nov. 1.

“Our employees work so hard to take care of our business and our guests,” said Kari-Stout Smith, Cache Creek Casino Resort General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. “We want to make certain they know how hard we are working to take care of them. What better way to do that than by putting significant extra money in their pockets this holiday season and beyond?”

The average length of service for Cache Creek Casino Resort’s 2,000 employees is more than ten years. Stout-Smith emphasized that compensation isn’t the only reason good employees stay loyal. A culture of promoting from within, weekly paychecks, gas discounts, rideshare options, financial management and retirement planning workshops, and a generous benefits package all contribute to the positive work experience for employees.