Brian Harris, Chief, Catawba Indian Nation

Brian Harris, Chief
Catawba Indian Nation

Catawba Two Kings Casino – Kings Mountain, NC /

BENEFITS OF GAMING: The revenues generated from our casinos have contributed to the economic development and self-sustainability of Catawba, as well as the surrounding communities. We have created job opportunities for both tribal members and local community members. We have various roles such as dealers, administrative staff, hospitality workers, and security personnel, to name a few. Catawba gaming has also generated revenues that are often reinvested into the tribe’s infrastructure and economy, which has led to the development of new businesses, improved healthcare facilities, educational programs and other initiatives that enhance the quality of life.

Catawba gaming revenues are also allocated to support educational programs and healthcare services. The funds can be used to enhance schools, scholarships, vocational training, and medical facilities – ultimately benefiting the tribe and the surrounding community. Cultural preservation is also something that benefits from the revenues, as it allows us to preserve and promote our cultural heritage. Funds are used for cultural events, language preservation programs, museums, historical sites, and other initiatives to help maintain and revitalize Catawba culture and traditions.

GOALS & INITIATIVES: We have several initiatives for our tribe, such as economic development, educational and scholarship programs, infrastructure development, cultural preservation and support, social services, environmental conservation, and charitable contributions. Our goal is to generate revenue through gaming enterprises to support tribal growth, create job opportunities, and improve the overall economic well-being of tribal communities. We also plan to support and create educational initiatives, scholarships, and vocational training programs for tribal members. We want to support and expand our social services, which include healthcare programs, elder care, mental health services and substance abuse treatment.

To reach these goals, we realize infrastructure is a huge part of that, which means we plan to invest in road improvements, healthcare facilities, schools, and housing by using gaming revenue. We also want to be good stewards of our environment by allocating funds toward protecting and preserving the natural resources and environment within tribal lands.

And finally, our other goal is to support local non-profit organizations and provide support to neighboring communities through philanthropic activities.   

LEGISLATIVE: Of course, there are always legislative issues that will affect our tribe, and we are committed to working within the process to protect the stability of our tribe for generations to come. I am concentrating on protecting the investment we have made in the State of North Carolina and continuing to provide good-paying jobs and financial independence for our tribal members and North Carolinians alike. I believe in building relationships and communicating with elected officials so that they may understand the unique experiences and needs of our people.