Axes Launches Beat the Streak Jackpot Application on Their IoT Platform With Quick Custom Intelligence

SAN DIEGO, CA – Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) and Axes have jointly announced the release of Beat the Streak (BTS) Jackpot, a patented methodology that captures and analyzes game patterns and outcomes to deliver customizable winning and losing streak prizes per game, bank, location and/or wide area progressive. BTS focuses on increasing player loyalty and engagement while creating new and accretive revenue for the casino. BTS is built on the AXES IoT platform to deliver real-time streak responses.

“Beat the Streak is the most exciting jackpot innovation I have seen in our industry in many years,” said Earle G. Hall, CEO of Axes. “Game volatility can cause a very negative player experience. Rewarding streaks removes this inherent gaming risk because game volatility is offset and replaced by excitement and even a life-changing moment. BTS is an application built on the proven Axes IoT platform and delivers a real-time experience by reinventing the gaming experience with this cutting-edge jackpot to our clients worldwide.”

“With more than 30,000 games worldwide running in real time, Axes provides a truly unique innovative platform not seen before in the gaming industry,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO of QCI. “Launching this unique guest jackpot experience with innovative partners like Axes affords QCI the opportunity to develop industry-leading technology for our customers that is customizable and drives customer’s time on device and casino profits.”