Automated Thermal Fever Detection System from Unity Surveillance

Unity's Enterprise Automated Thermal Fever Detection System

Unity Surveillance
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Unity’s Enterprise Automated Thermal Fever Detection System is a safe, efficient, and contactless fever screening system that utilizes enterprise class thermal sensors along with high definition color sensors to provide rapid security screening of guests entering the property. Unity’s systems have been proudly adopted by Hard Rock’s Safe + Sound Program across the nation and the world.

Covid-19 has changed the way we interact with each other. For the short term, social distancing is helping slow the spread and protect ourselves against the virus. When businesses begin to open, what safeguards can you put in place to protect your guests and employees?

Unity Surveillance, Inc. specializes in custom solutions designed and tailored to meet your needs and requirements.  With many companies offering thermal imaging solutions, Unity has stepped outside of the box to offer many different options for temperature scanning solutions that can meet your budgetary requirements and facilities needs.