Aristocrat Gaming – Super Bowl Jackpots

Aristocrat Gaming
Phone: (702) 270-1000
G2E booth #1133
Class III


Super Bowl Jackpots™ on the new King Max™ cabinet by Aristocrat Gaming is the first of several games that will be unveiled over time as part of this industry-leading, multi-year agreement between Aristocrat Gaming and the National Football League (NFL). Casino players of Super Bowl Jackpots have the chance to win a $1 million progressive jackpot, where permitted, and experience additional rich gameplay features.

Super Bowl Jackpots is the first game release on the new King Max cabinet, which is fit for a king with a sweeping 63.5” curved LCD touch portrait monitor. The seamless screen provides uninterrupted sight lines for an entertaining gaming experience that reaches new heights. The monitor’s curve also provides for a unique wheel feature display. The monitor is encased by game-driven vertical LED panels that can display text or images during gameplay, extending the action from edge to edge. The panels also create a visual destination during attract mode. King Max features a virtual button deck with dual bash buttons for partner play, and can be used by solo players, easily accommodating left-handed players. The virtual button deck also includes the modern convenience of wireless mobile phone charging. Each game is enhanced with surround sound, and the cabinet is iChair3 and iBench compatible. King Max is complete with an all-new LCD sign package called “The Scoreboard,” which is modular to accommodate three-pod or four-pod configurations.