25th Navajo Nation Council Commemorates Inaugural Navajo Women Warriors Day

Navajo Nation Council Chambers

WINDOW ROCK, AZ – The 25th Navajo Nation Council yesterday commemorated the inaugural “Navajo Women Warriors Day” on the first day of the spring season to recognize and honor Navajo women who serve in the military and to thank them for their commitment to the United States Armed Forces.

“Today, we take the time to honor our Navajo women warriors who sacrificed so much for our country,” said Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton, who sponsored legislation under the previous 24th Navajo Nation Council to create the day of recognition.

The legislation stemmed from a resolution passed by the Fort Defiance Agency Veterans Organization on October 12, 2017, to support Navajo Women Veterans Recognition Day, beginning the first day of spring in March of every year.

“Today and every day, we appreciate and honor the extraordinary Diné women with words of admiration, gratitude, and praise,” said Speaker Crystalyne Curley. “Women are the matriarchs of our communities and homes, and we also hold a special place throughout our history and in the many roles, we serve today. At Fort Sumner, the women warriors helped our leaders negotiate the treaty with the federal government. Today, many daughters, mothers, and sisters continue to serve and protect our country through military service. Together we can ensure they receive the recognition they deserve.”

The resolution states that, since the birth of Changing Woman, Navajo women have been held in high regard as they are responsible for the growth of the Nation, families, and teachings – the need to recognize Navajo women veterans’ contributions toward military service in all conflicts, peacetime, and after.

“This day is a time for us all to come together and celebrate the incredible contributions that Navajo women have made throughout history,” said Council Delegate Brenda Jesus. “It’s also a chance for us to learn about their stories and gain insight into their experiences in the military. We are forever grateful for their sacrifice and bravery.”