12 Tribes Colville Casinos Launches Sports Betting

12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel

OMAK, WA – 12 Tribes Colville Casinos has officially launched sports betting kiosks at their three locations in Lake Chelan, Omak, and Coulee Dam. Sports betting is available for many popular sports including football, baseball, and soccer, with a minimum bet of $5. The sports betting operations, known as 12 Sports Book, are being launched in collaboration with IGT PlaySports.

“The 12 Sports Book is an exciting step for our team,” said Kary Nichols, CEO of 12 Tribes Colville Casinos. “We have been working towards this for a long time now and are all looking forward to celebrating our hard work with our patrons.”

To celebrate the debut of sports betting, 12 Tribes Colville Casinos is giving away cash, prizes, and signed sports memorabilia. Patrons who place a bet between launch and Nov. 4, 2022, earn one entry ticket for each bet they place.

The 12 Sports Book kiosks are located on the casino floor and available 24 hours a day.