Zitro USA – Mighty Hammer

Zitro Mighty Hammer

Zitro USA
Phone: (702) 249-4924
Class III


Mighty Hammer is a 4-level multi-game progressive link that offers the perfect combination of players’ favorite functionalities – the link up and link king features. With three unique bonus links players will improve their bonus jackpot rounds depending on the bet denomination placed. The higher you bet, the larger prizes you will get. Additionally, the slot titles include themed features such as free games, wild multiplier and stacked wild.

Mighty Hammer is featured on the ultra-slim Allure Glare cabinet with 3×27” full HD monitors, along with the“SynchroScreen” feature, which synchronizes each of the upper screens, creating a stunning visual spectacle. It also includes a “SmartDeck” keypad that increases operator’s efficiency and players comfort for a long-lasting game play.

Whether it’s the vivid and impeccable graphics, sound effects, or the appealing and innovative game mechanics, Mighty Hammer offers players a highly engaging and immersive gaming experience. Discover the power of the Hammer.