Zitro USA – Lún Pán Dú

Zitro USA
Phone: (702) 835-6404
Class III


Introducing Lún Pán Dú, Zitro’s new Asian-themed single game, which features an American-style wheel enhanced by fun and inviting characters. One of the standout aspects of Lún Pán Dú lies in its uniquely rewarding bonus round, engaging gameplay mechanics and impressive graphics. The bonus round can be triggered in two ways: by landing five or more link symbols or by spinning the Lún Pún Dú Wheel. During the bonus round, players encounter special symbols that take the gameplay experience to new heights. One such symbol is the center panda, which collects all the link symbol credits right from the start of the bonus round. Another symbol is the hat, which doubles the value of the center symbol, potentially increasing winnings. The safe box symbol accumulates prizes from both the hat and center symbols, adding to the excitement of the bonus round. Additionally, the wheel symbol within the bonus round adds an extra layer of anticipation. It activates the bonus wheel, which can result in a multiplied hat or safe box, or even the opportunity to win mini, minor, super, or mega progressive jackpots. Designed exclusively for the Altius Glare cabinet, Lún Pán Dú offers an immersive gaming experience with its breathtaking visuals showcased on a 55” and 27” full HD display, accompanied by 4K graphics and integrated smart LED Halo. Players are in for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Lún Pán Dú, making it a must-have addition to any casino floor.