Twenty-Nine Palms Casinos Upgrade to New Version of QCI Platform

Spotlight 29 Casino

SAN DIEGO, CA – Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) and the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians have begun upgrading the Spotlight 29 and Tortoise Rock Casinos in Southern California to the 5.1 version of the QCI Platform. The new release includes dynamic reinvestment, which gives marketers the ability to issue offers based on a player reinvestment strategy rather than by a segmentation strategy.

“We are very excited to begin using the new dynamic reinvestment feature in the QCI tool,” said Dennis Amos, Vice President of Planning & Analysis for Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians. “The ability to be able to create customizable offers for individual players based on their play rather than their segment is a game-changer. We are looking forward to using this and all of the other great features that are in the 5.1 release. Furthermore, dynamic reinvestment allows for personalized reinvestment based on the profitability of each customer. This is a huge step forward from traditional worth banded models.”

“QCI Marketing offer value calculations are now targeted down to a one-to-one level,” said Ralph Thomas, CEO of QCI. “This fully automated end-to-end delivery of one-to-one marketing allows for targeted delivery of specific marketing offers as opposed to banding customers within broad bands of value. QCI takes pride in working with our customers to develop the most sophisticated and user-friendly platform in the gaming industry.”