Tom Raymond Named Director of Public Safety by Gun Lake Tribe

WAYLAND, MI – The Gun Lake Tribe has named Tom Raymond as Director of the Gun Lake Tribal Public Safety Department (GLTPSD). Raymond is a veteran of law enforcement having previously served 26 years as a Kent County Sheriff’s Deputy in several supervisory positions.

“It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Tom Raymond as our new Director of Public Safety,” said Tribal Chairman Bob Peters. “The Tribal Council and I are confident that we found the right person for the job given his decades of experience in leadership at the county sheriff’s department, and his expertise in training and management. I believe Tom also understands the value we place on professionalism and trust in those who police our tribal community.”

Raymond is a nationally recognized instructor in law enforcement training and security detail techniques, and was an adjunct faculty member at the Grand Valley State University Police Academy for 23 years.

Raymond was sworn in by Chairman Bob Peters, becoming an official officer of the tribe. The public ceremony was attended by Gun Lake tribal citizens, Tribal Council members, and government staff, and counterparts from state and local law enforcement agencies. Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker was also in attendance.

The GLTPSD has 16 officers and two support staff members. Raymond will also be cross-deputized under the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department to enforce state law off reservation lands, as are all other members of the GLTPSD.