Todd Enlow Named Executive Director of Cherokee Nation Housing Programs

TAHLEQUAH, OK – Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. has named his former Chief of Staff, Todd Enlow, as Executive Director of Housing Programs. Enlow, of Tahlequah, will oversee the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation (HACN) in his new role and will also serve as the Hoskin administration’s Senior Advisor.

“Todd Enlow is a dedicated public servant,” said Chief Hoskin. “He has the energy, skills, and creativity to continue our historic effort to improve housing conditions across the Cherokee Nation reservation.”

Enlow, who has worked in various capacities with the Cherokee Nation over 23 years, served as Hoskin’s Chief of Staff from August 2019 until October 2021. Enlow oversaw the tribe’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and helped develop a number of key initiatives of Chief Hoskin and Deputy Principal Chief Bryan Warner. After departing as Chief of Staff, Enlow remained as a special advisor to the Hoskin administration in a part-time status.

In 2019, Chief Hoskin and Deputy Chief Warner proposed, and the Council of the Cherokee Nation enacted, the $30 million Housing, Jobs and Sustainable Communities Act (HJSCA), which at the time was the largest housing investment in Cherokee history. In 2022, the Council reauthorized the HJSCA with a commitment of $120 million for a variety of housing programs. Funding under HJSCA is in addition to special federal housing funds received annually by the tribe.

On Dec. 20, the HACN Board of Commissioners unanimously approved Chief Hoskin’s request that HACN authorize Cherokee Nation to directly employ HACN’s Executive Director. Chief Hoskin cited the sharp increase in spending under his administration as the basis for restructuring HACN leadership.

“The policy of the Cherokee Nation established by the HJSCA is that Cherokee Nation will commit funding in excess of the basic federal funding for housing programs,” said Chief Hoskin. “The housing challenges we face, and the resources available to Cherokee Nation, command this approach. Elected officials should be held accountable for the success of our housing programs. In view of this, I believe it to be in the best interest of the Cherokee Nation that the leader of HACN be directly employed by Cherokee Nation.”

“I am honored that Chief Hoskin and Deputy Warner tasked me with the important work of helping individuals and families with housing needs,” said Enlow. “I am also excited to work together with the many friends at the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation to build stronger families and communities. I am committed to this great work, and I look forward to meeting with many Cherokees throughout the reservation to fulfill the Chief and Deputy’s vision of the Housing, Jobs and Sustainable Communities Act.”

Chief Hoskin has asked HACN’s Interim Director, Jerri Killer, to remain in a leadership role with HACN. “Jerri Killer has led HACN during a period of unprecedented growth, high expectations, and great challenges,” said Chief Hoskin. “We are fortunate that she will remain in a leadership role as we move forward under Todd Enlow’s leadership.”

Deputy Chief Warner said Enlow’s new role will advance ongoing housing progress in the tribe. “Housing has been a high priority for Chief Hoskin, the Council, and me,” said Deputy Chief Warner. “I am confident that our expanded housing leadership team under Todd Enlow will keep us on a path of progress so that we can address important issues such as elder housing needs and increasing affordable housing options across the Cherokee Nation Reservation.”