Three Rivers Casino Introduces Tech Training Program for Slot Technicians

Three Rivers Slot Tech Training

FLORENCE, OR – Three Rivers Casino has introduced Oregon Tech Training, an innovate new program for slot technicians. Jake Isham, Slot Technical Manager at Three Rivers Casino, is spearheading this initiative, which aims to strengthen the expertise of slot technicians across the state while fostering a sense of community among tribal casinos.

Over the past year, Isham collaborated with tribal casinos throughout Oregon to launch the program. The primary objective is to host slot-related training sessions facilitated by esteemed gaming industry vendors on a rotational basis among the participating casinos. The program aims to enhance the knowledge of slot technicians and provide them with valuable networking opportunities to exchange insights, discuss challenges, and explore effective fixes.

“We believe that by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning, we can raise the bar for the entire gaming community in Oregon,” said Isham. “Our vision is to cultivate a highly skilled workforce that can deliver unparalleled service to our valued customers.”

Three Rivers Tech Training

Three Rivers Casino hosted the first annual training program this month taught by IGT on their Peak slant top cabinets. The two-day intensive equipped technicians with advanced skills, empowering them to provide enhanced services to casino patrons. Sixteen technicians from six Oregon casinos attended the training.

“An unexpected bonus of attending training was being able to see how other properties do things and learn the logic behind it,” said Christopher Meeds, Slot Tech Lead at Spirit Mountain Casino. “There were many elements that were made more understandable or clear by being able to talk to other trained professionals.”