Spa Pechanga Opens Full-Time to All Guests

Pechanga Spa

TEMECULA, CA – In time for the New Year, Spa Pechanga will now be open for bookings from all guests. Previously, the two-level, luxury spa at Pechanga Resort Casino only took reservations from hotel guests, Pechanga RV Resort, Temecula Creek Inn and Pechanga Club Red tier and above guests. Now, members of the public ages 21 and older may book treatments at the acclaimed spa. Spa Pechanga has also introduced new massage, facial and nail treatments. These services utilize Native botanicals known to Pechanga ancestors for their healing properties.

Spa Pechanga opened in late 2018 as part of the resort’s $300 million expansion. One of only a few Native American spas in California incorporating native botanicals into services, treatments receive their inspiration from the Pechanga Great Oak Tree, revered by the Pechanga Tribe for its strength and life affirming presence. Many of the spa services incorporate the use of botanicals native to the Temecula region including sage and prickly pear, among others. Other elements not indigenous to the area – such as lavender, rosemary and mint – the Pechanga people adopted and learned how to apply as medicines and flavor enhancements in teas and foods.

“Our world moves so incredibly fast,” said Myra Masiel, Pechanga cultural curator and archeologist. “Guests actively seek out a way to slow down and relax, and that includes allowing their spirits and their minds to relax as well.”

“Spa Pechanga is a place of tranquility and well-being,” said Rachel Patane, Spa Pechanga Manager. “We are happy to be able to offer that to all visitors and residents of the Temecula Valley so they may truly know the healing powers and health benefits that come with reduced stress and tension.”