Redding Rancheria Donates $300k to 60 Local Organizations

Redding Rancheria Check Presentation

REDDING, CA – The Redding Rancheria Tribal Government recently held a check presentation for $300,000 for the Redding Rancheria Community-Owned Small Business Grant event. This was their third round of funding since 2020. 

In 2020, the tribal government gave 20 organizations $5,000 each as a gift for a total of $100,000, and in 2021, 60 organizations $5,000 each for a total of $300,000. The Redding Rancheria Tribal Government again granted $300,000 to be split amongst 60 of their selected applicants in May of 2022.

After receiving several applications from local community businesses and non-profits who suffered from the uncontrollable loss COVID-19, it was their decision to grant another $300,000. Each applicant received $5,000 on May 25, 2022.

“We would like to thank every local business and non-profit that continues to support our tribe,” said Tracy Edwards, Redding Rancheria CEO. “We are proud of the community that we have created working together and hope this grant helps you to continue providing services we are so fortunate to have.”