Red Wagon Institute Releases Spring Training Schedule

LAS VEGAS, NV – Leadership training group Red Wagon Institute has released its spring schedule, with limited openings now available for March, April, and May. Red Wagon Institute’s core classes include “From Managing to Leading,” “Curing Cantcer,” and “Moonshot,” and are designed to help teams reach their maximum potential, as a group and as individuals.

“We believe there’s a superhero inside each of us,” said Paul Speirs-Hernandez, Red Wagon Institute’s Master Trainer. “Our courses are designed to unite teams, break down silos, improve communication, and give attendees the skills to set and achieve superhero-sized goals.”
“The day I started this class was the day everything changed for me – my work life, my home life, my whole life all changed for the better that very day,” said one former student, years after completing the “From Managing to Leading” course.
Held over two half-day sessions, “From Managing to Leading” helps attendees identify the important differences between managing and leading, charts a course for success now and in the future, and creates lasting bonds between attendees.
Building on the learning in “From Managing to Leading” and “Curing Cantcer” urges teams as leaders to embrace “can and will” over “try but can’t,” and realize that everything is possible. Interactive and intensive, “Curing Cantcer” is taught in two full-day sessions.

“Moonshot” pushes leaders to think and act bigger and more boldly to achieve their “moonshots” as teams and as individuals. Additional courses include “Everything DiSC,” “Competitive Advantages,” “Epic Teams,” and “Speaker Training.”
For more information, visit or email [email protected].