Picayune Rancheria Completes Two Fee-To-Trust Land Acquisitions

FRESNO, CA – The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians announced that two properties with important cultural and historical significance to the tribe have officially been taken into trust. The fee-to-trust land acquisition is for the Hawkins Valley property and Chapel Hill property.

“We are thrilled to have these land acquisitions completed,” said Picayune Chairperson Janet K. Bill. “Having these properties held in trust will provide a tremendous location for cultural activities and gatherings for our tribal members. It will allow our tribe to reinvigorate a culture that was nearly lost.”

The Hawkins Valley property is a parcel of 368 acres of open space, rolling hills, abundant oak trees, and a site known as Medicine Rock. This property is thought to be the site of the original Chukchansi tribal village, and it is believed that there are burial grounds on the property. The site will initially be used for events, activities, and gatherings for the Chukchansi people.

The Chapel Hill property is the current site of the Tribal Government Offices along with parking and storage facilities. This five-acre parcel is located in the town of Oakhurst and includes a large office building and a smaller satellite office building. 

The acquisition of this land will allow the tribe to reassert jurisdiction over ancestral lands and preserve important cultural resources that are of tremendous significance to the tribe.