Pala Casino Spa Resort Will Transition Hotel to 100% Non-Smoking

Pala Casino Resort

PALA, CA – Pala Casino Spa Resort has announced that its hotel will become a 100 percent non-smoking facility. Any violation of the policy will result in a non-negotiable charge of $1,000 to cover damages and deep cleaning. The policy only applies to the hotel, including but not limited to inside rooms and suites, hallways, elevators, and common areas. The hotel will provide designated smoking areas outside to accommodate the needs of guests who smoke.

The Pala Casino Spa Resort Hotel has 507 standard rooms and suites, all of which will be smoke-free effective June 1, 2022. Prior to booking a hotel room, guests must agree to the terms and conditions of the no-smoking policy.

“The hotel will be using state-of-the-art sensor technology to track smoke in the air,” said Coley McAvoy, Pala Casino Spa Resort spokesperson. “This is in an effort to satisfy guest wishes and to keep the air fresh and clean.”

Pala Casino Spa Resort Hotel will be joining the 85 percent of all U.S. hotels who have a no-smoking policy. Hotels prohibiting tobacco use inside their buildings is consistent with attitudinal changes. 

“We have found that even those who smoke request smoke-free rooms at our hotel,” said Nelly Decena-Martin, Director of Hotel Operations.

“Even in casinos that allow smoking on the casino floor, such as Pala Casino Spa Resort, guests are still firm about their desire to stay in a smoke-free hotel room,” said McAvoy. “The odor or residue from any type of smoking is seen as unclean and unhealthy, and with heightened general health concerns due to the pandemic, a vast majority of guests request non-smoking rooms.”