Navajo Nation President Nez Finalizes Agreement for Dilkon Residents To Receive Long-Awaited Power Line Extension

President Nez Signs Power Line Agreement

DILKON, AZ – Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez was recently joined by community members and Dilkon Chapter officials as he finalized a subgrant agreement between the Navajo Nation and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) to extend power lines to homes in the community of Dilkon, AZ, which will provide long-awaited electricity to at least 24 families.

Navajo Nation Council Delegate Elmer Begay, Dilkon Chapter President Lorenzo Lee, Sr., Navajo Nation Division of Community Development Executive Director Dr. Pearl Yellowman, and NTUA officials joined President Nez as he signed the agreement to improve the Nation’s infrastructure for families and communities.  

“We are grateful to be here today with families, elders, and community leaders to celebrate another milestone for the community of Dilkon,” said President Nez. “Since taking office, the Nez-Lizer Administration has made it a priority to provide basic infrastructure. With every bit of funding that we secure, we need to invest in infrastructure to ensure the well-being and safety of our people. I thank the current and past Dilkon Chapter leaders, NTUA, and community members for pushing this initiative forward.”  

Many Dilkon community members were also in attendance and spoke about the challenges and financial constraints they have endured due to the lack of electricity. Several expressed their appreciation with tears and relief that they no longer have to rely on generators or batteries to power their homes.  

“We are excited for the 24 families that will receive electricity,” said Dr. Yellowman. “They will have the ability to buy and store fresh produce, meats, and medication in cold refrigerators. Their children can also do homework at night with the lights on and charge their laptops or phones at home. Working together can provide many positive changes for families and future generations.”

Last week, President Nez also signed another agreement to connect 23 homes to the electric grid in Tonalea, AZ. The Office of the President and Vice President commended NTUA, Navajo Nation Division of Community Development, and the Community Development Block Grant program for collaborating to provide basic infrastructure for the community of Dilkon, AZ.