Light & Wonder – Ultimate Fire Link Explosion

Light & Wonder
Phone: (702) 532-7700
Class III


This chain reaction fireball game of volcanic proportions was an award-winner right out the gate. From the remarkably hot-handed monkeys hurling fireballs down at you to the game-exclusive wheel bonus that towers above you across two gargantuan play screens, this game is bound to have anyone immersed and excited for the opportunity to light up some reels.

As exciting as fireball monkeys are though, enjoying this game on Light & Wonder’s Mural® cabinet is really what brings this title to the next level. With Ultimate Fire Link Explosion’s bursts of bright and beautiful images and scenes as the credit count climbs higher and higher, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in the experience. The screen real estate does a great job accommodating the growing reels for the Fire Link bonus, climbing all the way up to eight rows during a Fire Link bonus and even 12 rows during a Super Fire Link bonus. This entry into Ultimate Fire Link is one that players would do well to experience for themselves.