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The Tree of Wealth is growing, and its roots are spreading. Coming in two branches, Tree of Wealth Prosperity – Rich Traditions® and Tree of Wealth Prosperity – Jade Eternity®, the franchise is expanding on one of Light & Wonder’s recent popular themes by flying the Prosperity banner, just like Dancing Drums Prosperity®. These games will be connected, allowing properties to link progressives between all three titles. Aside from the connection aspect though, these games offer the return of the Fu Babies®, another longtime favorite of Light & Wonder’s fans, in their progressive pick bonus where players will try to match three different spaces to get a progressive jackpot. An important add-on to these games is that the player also has a ton of control over their free games layout with the volatility pick option. When a player earns free games through normal play, they get to decide how many reels to use, along with an accompanying number of spins. More reels offer fewer spins and vice-versa, allowing the player to choose exactly how daring they’re willing to be. Choose your path and plant your tree.