Light & Wonder – Three Card Sabotage

L&W Three Card Sabotage

Light & Wonder
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Table Game


It’s a game of sabotage, Three Card Sabotage®. It’s the player’s three-card poker hand against the dealer’s best three-card poker hand, and players are eligible to win an additional ante bonus payout based on the value of their three-card poker hand. This game also features the optional pair plus wager.

To begin, the dealer gives each player and themself three cards face down, and then places the next three cards face down in the area marked “Sabotage Cards.” The dealer will take the top card and add it to their original three cards to make a four-card hand. Players now have an option to fold and lose their ante or place a play wager of 1x or 2x their ante.

The dealer will reveal their four cards and the two sabotage cards. If one or both sabotage cards match the rank of any cards in the dealer’s hand, they must remove them. If the sabotage cards result in the dealer having less than three cards, they cannot have a straight or flush, they can only have a pair or high card. If the two sabotage cards don’t match the dealer’s hand, they will make their best three-card poker hand.