Light & Wonder – Sinatra

Light & Wonder
Phone: (702) 532-7700
Class III


Given that there are few things that match the class and timeless essence of Las Vegas more than Frank Sinatra and a cozy, pull-arm slot machine, blending them together felt like a logical next step. The Landmark™ 7000 Wheel, a variant of Light & Wonder’s Landmark 7000 with an eye-catching wheel placed atop, brings together some of the most important creature-comforts of any high-denomination stepper today. Namely, a sleek and straightforward design that combines a traditional external aesthetic while utilizing a 4k+ monitor to ensure crystal clarity with whatever is on screen.

Sinatra offers multiple wonderful features, chief among them is the Sinatra bonus, which includes videos of the man himself singing a few of his greatest songs during gameplay. In addition, the top wheel acts as a bonus game, offering either a Sinatra bonus, credits, or records, a watermark you’re trying to collect to get you closer to the jackpot.

Sinatra is truly a game and cabinet fit for any player who wants to take a moment to appreciate something a little more classic with great music to boot.