Light & Wonder – Rich Little Piggies

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Class II


All those coins must go somewhere. Rich Little Piggies – Meal Ticket and Rich Little Piggies – Hog Wild are both great examples of games starting in Class III that now can be shared with Class II. These popular games impressively pair the use of both perceived and true persistence in a wonderful way. The three piggies each play a role as a piggy bank, with spins landing players coins to drop into each of them, potentially triggering a different free game event depending on the color. The Yellow Piggie gives a free game bonus that awards jackpots via coin collecting. The Blue Piggie gives a number of free games based on the Blue Piggie Meter, which grows every time players land a blue coin that doesn’t trigger the free game. The Red Piggie is different between games, with Meal Ticket’s Red Piggie removing the lower-paying symbols entirely from the reels, and Hog Wild’s Red Piggie adding wilds to the reels instead. Between both titles, it’s a safe bet that players will pig out on Rich Little Piggies.