Light & Wonder – Rich Little Hens

Light & Wonder
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Class III


Following up Light & Wonder’s instant class Rich Little Piggies, we are introducing Rich Little Hens to the world on the illustrious Cosmic cabinet. Both titles, Rich Little Hens – Founding Feathers and Rich Little Hens – Rule The Roost, feature three-hen gameplay with players landing coins of the hens’ respective colors to feed them and hopefully enhance or trigger their assigned bonuses. Both games use their left hen for at least nine regular free games and the center hen for the jackpot free games. With the jackpot free games, players try to land special coins tied to each jackpot tier, with that value paying out if the player lands enough coins. The games differ in their right hens. Both offer modified wilds, but in Founding Feathers, the right hen uses cash-on-reels wilds that pay out the value shown if they’re part of a winning combination, whereas in Rule The Roost, the right hen offers players multiplier wilds that multiply the payout of any winning combination they’re part of. Even better, multiples of these bonuses can trigger at the same time, leading to crazy bonus triggers and win potential.