Light & Wonder – Quartz Hybrid Stadium Ultimate Texas Hold’em

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Quartz™ Hybrid Stadium Ultimate Texas Hold’em® allows players to play up to three hands of Ultimate Texas Hold’em on their own player terminal. This game features four exciting side bets: Trips, Ultimate Pairs, Bad Beat, and Play the Board. Players and the dealer make their best possible 5-card poker hand using their initial two cards dealt, plus five community cards. The player or dealer may use three, four or all five of the community cards to make their hand.

To begin, players make ante and blind bonus wagers on their 26.5-inch LCD HD player touchscreen. Each player is dealt two cards face up, and the dealer’s two cards are dealt face down. The player has the option to bet three or four times their ante or check. The dealer then reveals three community cards. Any player who previously checked will have the option to bet two times their ante or check again. The dealer will then deal the final two community cards. Players who previously checked will have the option to bet one time their ante or fold and forfeit their ante and blind bonus wagers. The dealer’s two cards are revealed and all wagers in action are resolved.