Light & Wonder – Monopoly Lunar New Year

Light & Wonder
Phone: (702) 897-7150
G2E booth #1116
Class II


Monopoly makes its way to Class II again with the great addition Monopoly – Lunar New Year, available on the Kascada™ cabinet. Featuring a three-bowl perceived persistence mechanic, each color provides a different bonus when they trigger. The green bowl awards the wild multiplier bonus, which gives free games with multiplier symbols on the reels, and thanks to stacking potential, can award up to 8x on spins. The blue bowl awards expanding reels, with each reel potentially reaching six rows high. The red bowl awards the jackpot bonus. Players get 10 spins with special gold coin symbols added during this feature that offer property bonuses from the actual Monopoly game. Using set collection for these properties, players can get any of the top prizes including the jackpot progressive. Even better, these bonuses all have the potential to be triggered at the same time, leading to combination bonuses with wild win potential. Players who enjoy higher wagers also get improved odds of landing combination bonuses, offering even more incentives for them.