Light & Wonder – Money Link Revolution – Amazon Fortune

Light & Wonder
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Breaking into Class II on Light & Wonder’s Cosmic™ and Kascada™ cabinets, Money Link™ Revolutions – Amazon Fortune is the double-array play your floor has been after. The Money Link Feature triggers on six gold coins and begins with one open and two locked arrays. Landing eagle coins unlocks arrays, and the player is given three spins, which reset when any coin lands. All gold coins have a credit value awarded after eight spins. Wheel symbols can also trigger the wheel bonus after the Money Link Feature. The wheel bonus can trigger during both normal gameplay and Money Link Feature. Different awards are used depending on which mode it was triggered in. Money Link Feature wheel spins award credits and normal gameplay wheel spins offer credit wins and free games. Locking free games give players door symbols that stay in place through the feature. After each spin, the doors open to the same symbol, leading to great payout potential. Walking free games still include door symbols that open to the same symbol, but all doors move over one reel to the left each spin, offering versatility in landing paylines. The super versions of both games play on two arrays instead of one.