Light & Wonder Integrates CRS Booking Into Loyalty Platform

Light & Wonder HQ

LAS VEGAS, WA – Light & Wonder has expanded its integration services through a collaboration with SHR Group’s Allora CRS booking engine.

SHR’s Allora CRS software offers hotel operators advanced booking features that integrate with Light & Wonder’s system-independent loyalty platform, L&W Engage. The integration allows operators to customize the customer experience by using a guest’s predicted revenue value to access member rates and offers, both through the booking engine and call center.

“This integration and advanced capabilities of L&W Engage have significantly enhanced the experiences of our customers whose hotel encounters play a large role in the overall customer journey,” said Jon Wolfe, President of Global Systems and Service at Light & Wonder. “We are excited to expand this offering, empowering our customers to elevate the guest experience and deepen customer loyalty.”

“Allora CRS has been an integral part of our success story,” said Dan Edmonds, Vice President of Casino Strategy & Solutions at SHR Group. “Together with the L&W Engage platform, we offer a dynamic solution that is redefining customer engagement in the hospitality industry.”