Light & Wonder – Hot Hot Blazing Lock

Light & Wonder
Phone: (702) 897-7150
Class III


Flamey is back in the all-new Hot Hot Blazing Lock on Light & Wonder’s Cosmic cabinet, featuring red-hot cash-on-reels and perceived persistence gameplay. During the base game, if a Flamey symbol lands on the center reel spot, the player is awarded the values on all jackpots and gold coin symbols that landed as well. Even better, during free games, a Flamey symbol is locked to that center spot, giving the player cash-on-reels wins every time jackpots or gold coin symbols land. Flamey also likes to give a hand to the player in a few ways. Flamey can trigger one or both of the coin pots to begin the free games, he can nudge a reel that doesn’t have a gold coin or jackpot to get a jackpot, he can turn a gold coin into a jackpot payout, and can upgrade all the picture symbols to gold coins or jackpots. He’s just a thoughtful guy like that.