Light & Wonder – Dragon Spin CrossLink

Light & Wonder
(702) 897-7150
Class III


Bringing back one of Light & Wonder’s most successful past franchises, Dragon Spin™ CrossLink™ is going to be hitting Class III with air, water, fire, and earth. Each title has a little bit of zest that makes them stand out in their base game Dragon Spin Feature. During the base game, players land gold coin symbols to fill up pots that stand above each reel. These gold coins pull double duty, as the Dragon Spin Feature is triggered randomly on spins that land the gold coins. When it starts, players will keep any gold coins they landed to trigger the feature, which are given credit values based on how full the pots are when the feature starts and will spin to collect more gold coins until no coin lands. Players will also try to land a jackpot reel symbol, a special symbol that has its own reel that awards one of the jackpot-level prizes. Once the spins are through, each row gets its own randomized multiplier from 1x to 10x, leading to some crazy win potential on top of an incredibly fascinating game design.