Light & Wonder – Dancing Drums Ultimate Explosion

Light & Wonder
(702) 897-7150
Class III


The Dancing Drums series marks an exciting new installment with Dancing Drums Ultimate Explosion on the Cosmic and Mural cabinets. On top of the Fu Pot mechanic players expect from this gold-standard franchise, the game brings back random wild and bonus symbols on the reels from Dancing Drums Explosion. The game also has three different drums providing great free games with volatility control, triggered by landing three drum symbols. The bonus is decided by the colors of the ones that land. The Red Drum Bonus lets the player choose to get 3 to 15 spins on reel arrays from 3×5 to 6×5, depending on the number of spins. The Gold Drum Bonus grows those arrays to 4×5 to 8×5. The Jade Drum Bonus, the game’s fantastic new addition, gives random growing reels throughout the free games. Players can even trigger all three at the same time for the Ultimate Drum Bonus, giving the players the larger starting arrays and reel growth at the same time. Players can earn more spins during the free games themselves. This, on top of the comeback of the Fu Babies Bonus, makes for a game adored by new and old fans alike.