Light & Wonder – Big Hot Flaming Pots

Light & Wonder
Phone: (702) 897-7150
Class III


Come get your fill with Big Hot Flaming Pots™ – Tasty Treasures and Big Hot Flaming Pots – Delicious Delights, part of a balanced diet, on Light & Wonder’s brand-new Cosmic™ cabinet. Featuring triple-pot perceived persistence at their nutritious core, both titles offer great dining experiences. Both games use the Stack N’ Hit feature as their main ingredient, a hold and spin free game bonus where players try to land as many bun symbols as they can. More buns, more dough. During Stack N’ Hit free games, players are given three or four spins that reset when a bun lands. Filling a reel with bun symbols removes them, giving the player more chances to land additional buns while awarding the value shown on them. A jackpot is awarded if a player fills all five reels at least once. Stack N’ Hit is triggered by the pots labeled yummy, which gives four spins instead of three, spicy, which uses peppers that grow the value of the buns, and upsized, which gives players two arrays instead of one. Multiple Stack N’ Hit features can happen at the same time, such as yummy and upsized both triggering, giving the player two arrays with four spins.