Jackpot Digital Installs Jackpot Blitz Machines at Jackson Rancheria

Jackson Rancheria

JACKSON, CA – Jackpot Digital has completed installation of three Jackpot Blitz® casino machines at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. The installation marks the first-ever deployment of the next-generation version of Jackpot Blitz, which has been re-designed to meet the specific requirements needed by the land-based casino market.

The installation is a critical step and marks the beginning of a new phase of expansion for the company, which has scheduled additional installations at casinos in the U.S. and worldwide.

“Now that we have completed our first land-based installation of the next-generation Jackpot Blitz, we have entered a new stage as a company, moving from the product re-design stage into the active land-based installations stage, beginning an era of land-based casino revenue for the company,” said Jake Kalpakian, Jackpot President & CEO. “This inaugural installation of our next-generation Jackpot Blitz represents an inflection point and the culmination of our extensive efforts over several months to reconfigure Jackpot Blitz for the land-based casino market while dramatically lowering the unit production cost. We will continue to fill our order backlog with several installations scheduled for Q2 and beyond. Our order pipeline is robust and expanding, and we anticipate that 2024 will be a highly successful year for our business.”